Bone-In Chinese Ham (Leg)

PHP 1020.00 / Kilo

One of the best and famous hind leg hams in the country for decades now that boasts of its aroma, juiciness and tenderness. Choice cut of the hind leg is cured, marinated and smoked to perfection; dashed with the right saltiness and topped with glaze made of honey, and a mixture of special ingredients. Simply scrumptious from the surface to the bone!

Boneless Chinese Ham (Leg)

PHP 980.00 / Kilo

The same luscious, exquisite Chinese-tasting meat, shredded then molded round. The balanced streak of fat adds tenderness to the meat. Ideal for those who prefer to eat with gusto, less the bone.

Sliced Chinese Ham with mixed syrup

PHP 1050.00 / Kilo

The pinkish-gray color of the meat reveals the right process of curing matched with the right sweetness of the glaze. Exactly like the sliced Chinese ham with the syrup already mixed in. Best for any family fast meals.

Sliced Chinese Ham with separate syrup

PHP 1150.00 / Kilo

Portions are machine-sliced from the big bone-in Chinese ham, and has glazed sugar on the side. It may be eaten without the syrup as the meat is already soft, juicy and has a slight smoky taste. The sweet syrup may be added to balance out the saltiness. A good match for breads.

Scrap Chinese Ham

PHP 840.00 / Kilo

Pork tidbits yet still packed with savor. Ideal for daily ordinary munchies like pandesal, sandwiches, pasta or even easy to prep up meals for various celebrations. Ready to eat and more affordable. Little pieces with big flavors!