Welcome to Excelente Ham


The timeless taste and enticing aroma of Excelente Ham is the legacy of Ting Siu Kim and Ong Ching Kang. At the time when the Philippines was recognized as second most progressive country in Asia, the simple Filipino-Chinese couple from Quiapo, Manila set out a small meat product business to support their growing family.  

In 1963, Excelente Ham was introduced in small batches. Good quality local meat and secret spices were carefully selected to perfect the recipe. The result was a relentless demand for Excelente Ham with its consistent flavor and distinct delightful whiff that gained loyal customers in the city and nearby provinces. Inevitably, additional work force supplemented the existing loyal employees whose dedication to work and unparalleled diligence shared the credit of the company's success. Support from friends was overwhelming. In fact, the spices that made Excelente Ham aromatic were suggested by a close Spanish family friend.

For almost half a century, Excelente Ham continues to kindle the Filipino palate all-year round. With the demise of its great founders in 1980s, the old couple's son, Robert, now leads the company with the same business morals and standards his parents carried out through the years. With modern approach and innovations, the company has now more meat products with the same consistent quality and taste as the most loved Excelente Ham.